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Charalee Graydon,JD, Phd, was born in Alberta, Canada. She holds degrees in arts, law and mediation and conflict resolution,. Following receipt of a Rhodes scholarship in 1982, Charalee pursued post-graduate legal studies in Oxford, England. She obtained her doctorate in mediation and conflict resoluton in 2020.

She held academic positions in England, New Zealand, and Canada and practised law in Canada. She now teaches at EUCLID University in the ara of mediaiton and conflict resoltution, Charalee has developed programmes for students, judges and the public and published academic works on legal issues of crime and punishment. Her work in mediaition and conflict resolution deals with climate change and how mediation, collaboration and the creative arts can promote the objectives of the Paris Agreement.

She created and taught a course at the University of Alberta on sentencing and has given radio and television interviews on this topic. She teaches mediaiton and conflict transformation at EUCID University. As well, she holds She holds a diploma in Freelance and Feature Writing from the London School of Journalism and is a member of international mediation organizaitons..