I am considering creating an online survey by placing questions from my book, THE JUDGEMENT GAME, online on this website to allow the reader to provide his/her responses and share information with other readers. You are asked to comment as to whether you are interested in participating in this survey. Answers to questions and comments would be made anonymously. You would be asked only information as to age range, gender, location (country). Please provide a response to this post if you are interested in participating in this project.

Thank you.

Message from Calgary Realtor Grace Yan sent to LinkedIn

“Charalee Graydon is one of the most accomplished and respected legal experts and writers in the field. She is a multi-faceted, highly talented professional with an extraordinary work ethic. Her incredible depth and breadth of knowledge is easily seen in her work and in her writing. Her engaging interpersonal style and optimistic world view makes her a pleasure to work with.”

Rhodes Project and Comment from Interviewer

Response from the interviewer when I advised that The Judgement Game has been published and it is planned to place the questions from the book on my website to allow the reader an interactive experience both in hard copy and using the modern technology of Internet and blogs.

¨Many congratulations, Charalee! The Judgement Game offers a fresh take on these subjects and I am sure it will experience great success.¨

Interview published as part of the Rhodes Project:


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