COP25 - Madrid and Chile

An enjoyable week at COP25 in Madrid with the Mediators Beyond Borders International Climate Change Policy Project group.

Our members provided information to promote methods of communication, storytelling and peaceful methods of dispute resolution for issues which will arise due to climate change.

Remembrance Day 2019

In remembrance of those who have fought in the World Wars and iof my father who was in the second World War, He served in the Navy on two Corvette ships, the Saskatoon and the Matane, His ships escorted merchant ships during the Battle of the Atlantic, an important event that helped win the second world war.

His nephews Barry Phipps and Micheal Ostin and neice Geri Cole and I gave remembrance of those who were in the wars.

This year, Barry Phipps has shared with me three photos he has taken which provide a valuable way to pay remembrance.


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