Award Tanya Koob (Graydon)

Congratulations to cousin Tanya Koob (Graydon) on her recent award for her work. Medal from the province of Alberta for work to promote outdoor activities for children. I have followed her blog and she is an excellent writer and photographer as well as an an innovative young woman for her work..

40th Anniversary of Rhodes Women - Panel on Sustainablity and Climate Change

40th Anniversary Rhode´s Women - September, 2017
Panel on Sustainability and Climate Change – September 15, 2017
One of the activities at the 40th Rhodes Women anniversary, following the theme of Rhodes Women Standing Up for the World, was a panel on “Sustainability and Climate Change”. This article provides a review of the panel participants and a link to the video of this interactive session.
The speakers and moderator of the panel were:
Moderator: Hila Levy, Colorado & Exeter, 2008.


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