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Have a look at my wordpress site which is connected to this site. It has a greater focus on art and literature contributed by friends and family. The image I attach which is a photograph taken by my cousin BARRY PHIPPS has been posted to highlight two poems submited by my second cousin, COURTNEY. Both are on my wordpress site charaleeg.wordpress


US Leaves the Iran Nuclear Deal

Paper about the United States leaving the UNJCPOA (The Iranian Nuclear Deal) will soon be published on this blog.

Graphic Design by artist Marsa Arbab pays tribute to Persian poet Attar which opens my paper.I provide a copy of Marsa Arbab's graphic design paying tribute to the poet Attar whose poetry opens the paper.
Attar's poetry used in the paper is from his "The Conference of Birds" and, although written in the 1100's, is relevant to today's issues with the US Withdrawal from the United Nations JCPOA, otherwise known as the Iranian Nuclear Deal.


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