Charalee Graydon - El Nuevo Camino?


El país de Torcia se define por el sexo, la avaricia y la conducat adictiva. Los sistemas tradicionales de crimen y castigo no parecen funcionar.
Este libro, le invita a usted, ciudadano de Torcia, para averiguar lo que ha ido mal y qué se puede hacer al respecto.

Usted está jugando a un juego que se ha jugado durante siglos. Solo tiene que usar su experiencia y poder de toma de decisiones para ayudar a Torcia a encontrar respuetstas a sus problemas.

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Charalee Graydon - Can We Save The Human Race?

The earth is on the brink of destruction. If human beings remain on earth, the prognosis is they face extinction. Despite this grim reality, the country of Torcia believes advances made in cloning and brain modification in the twenty-third century will allow it to avoid extinction of the human race.

Torcia has determined the use of clones to be the most precise and effective manner to carry out its mission. Research facility, Lencar Center, has developed clones to explore and develop a new planet, JL4.

Unfortunately, there are reports of violence and suicides at the Center. The director has called these reports “scurrilous rumors” against the Center. Determined to follow the story, Journalist Dal risks her life to find out what is happening at the Center and provide information to the public!

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Charalee Graydon - Let's Play The Game

Let´s Play the Game, a companion to The Judgement Game, is an activity book for schools, reading groups and classes in critical thinking, ESL, legal theory, crime and punishment. The book is a series of games and exercises asking groups to use collaborative methods for decision making. Models of collaboration form the basis for group discussion of the games and problems. I have written the book with contribution of games from Sarah Hague, a writer of educational resources for children.

Let´s Play the Game is about collaborating with other readers by gathering and sharing ideas about stories in the book. Diversity of opinion, creativity and collaboration by the group is rewarded. It allows people to use the advances of science and technology in a manner that responds to the realities of human life. Everyone who provides their ideas is a winner.

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Charalee Graydon - The Judgement Game

You live in the country of Torcia, a society defined by sex, greed, and addictive behaviour. You read vignettes about criminal and civil offences in the homes, streets, and prisons of Torcia. Traditional systems of crime and punishment don't seem to be working. The Judgement Game invites you to find out what has gone wrong and what can be done about it.

The Judgement Game is an interactive book asking for your ideas about offences committed and your suggestions as to punishment imposed on offenders. This is your opportunity to play a role in the justice system of your country. The punishment Torcia will use and why is your decision. Your experiences and decision-making power are valued and can help Torcia find ideas to address its problems.

You are playing a game that has been played for centuries. Only the players and the rules of the game change. The Judgement Game has returned justice to the people in this game. Play the judgement game to see if you will win!

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